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Salvaged Lives Resources is a multi-service economic and social referral agency specializing in providing high quality housing options to some of society's most marginalized and needy populations i.e. previously incarcerated, homeless, veterans, lesbians and gays, mental health and women & children.

 Our motto: "WHERE THE LAST BECOMES FIRST" is reflective of our whatever-it-takes approach to linking our clients to an array of public, social and economic resources and services necessary to meet their unique and individual needs.

To access our services only requires a willingness to participate in helping us to help you reach your goal of obtaining a steady income and permanent housing.

We will assist you as much as you allow us to because we are convinced that everyone has a birthright to decent housing and a productive and fulfilling life. 


Structured Stability

There is a definite homeless crisis in California and in Los
Angeles in particular, and whereas efforts are underway to aid and address this situation, Salvaged Lives Resources (SLR) operate as an important entity that service the needs of the homeless population. Whether you've been previously incarcerated, a veteran, women with children, women fleeing from violence or you're at risk of becoming homeless, we are here to help you find your way.


As an economic and social referral agency, SLR  service a variety of needs. Providing clean, affordable temporary housing for you is our number one priority. You let us know your housing situation and we immediately go to work to resolve your issues. Even if you fall outside our ability to serve you directly, our vast network of resources will enable us to refer you to an entity that can likely accommodate your needs.


As for the re-entry population, we at SLR have assembled an array of resources specifically designed to help you overcome the many barriers that stand in the way of you obtaining fully funded temporary housing and your making a  full and successful family and community reintegration.


Currently incarcerated? Previously incarcerated? Contact us, we can help.

Our Services

Ongoing Support

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“I am not afraid... I was born to do this.”

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Salvaged Lives Resources

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